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The Journal

The Journal is LEVEL II's stand-alone intelligent archival application, providing the ability to store large volumes of transaction-oriented data in a continuous fashion. The system is configured to use high capacity removable storage media giving it virtually an unlimited potential to store customer information.

  • The Journal operates in a real-time context, automatically archiving transactions flowing through local or wide area networks 24 hours a day. The system runs with minimal operator intervention. The Journal initiates regular backups on its own schedule.
  • The Journal has a versatile search capability that allows rapid search and retrieval of archived data, even from large archives. Search arguments can include any number of fields common in message headers. That's not unusual…most archival systems can do likewise. What's unusual, indeed unique, is that search arguments can also be Boolean associations of character strings can contain "wildcard characters." Those strings can be anywhere within the archived messages. Searches can be winnowed repeatedly to refine search results. The system can save search query definitions and results for later use. The system provides the capability to recall a previously saved query, modify it, and launch it. The Journal begins reporting the results of searches immediately. Researchers may efficiently work in parallel with the Journal's search engine, reviewing early search results as the search engine continues to find additional transactions.
  • Ad hoc reporting on the stored results via any ad hoc reporting tool, such as Crystal Reports, and the reports of retrieved transactions can be printed on locally attached laser printers.
  • No special programming is needed to define record formats or contents. Allowing new records to be incorporated without major cost or effort. The Journal can accept limitless record formats, with no programming needed to:
    • Add new record types
    • Change record formats
    • Discontinue archiving record types
  • The Journal system has a multiple-level real-time Monitor that checks message data acquisition, the archival of these messages, and the status of the hard-disk drive. It also can produce disk statistics and alert the operator to the presence of error conditions.
  • The Journal system also includes a maintenance application used to carry out tasks essential to the system's operation.
  • The Journal system can operate with the MAGUS message switch or switches from other vendors. There are several methods of collecting the data for archival:
    • Direct connect – System to System, real time archival
    • Tape interface – System to tape to Journal
    • File interface – System to file to Journal
  • Provides periodic and ad hoc statistical analyses which supports:
    • Network usage basis billing
    • Network optimal configurations
    • On demand message traffic analysis and reporting
  • Allows retrieval and study from archives client terminals or your own systems' user interface.

The Journal Database Requirements

  • The Journal server's extraction processes requires SQL Server as a temporary store for records selected and retrieved from the Archive. SQL Server interacts with The Journal client software, Crystal Reports, et al, to yield ad hoc analyses of the archive's contents. Archived data are not accessible to a database management system. The Journal stores results in ODBC compliant database.

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