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MAGUS is LEVEL II's fifth generation message switch system for secure digital communication networks. It first entered service in November 1999 controlling a 37-agency CLETS regional system.

  • MAGUS provides an economic answer for sites transmitting or receiving a few messages per hour, but the system is almost infinitely scalable and able to accommodate up to hundreds of messages per second.
  • Easy network management - facilitating reconfiguration of all lines, under various protocols.
  • Administrators can easily define new transactions, change existing ones, and control how the system displays messages or transactions. The system never needs to leave service to add or change message processing.
  • Administrators can set message reformatting, message editing (several types), message acknowledgement (application to application), and message spawning (Conditional, Unconditional and Derived).
  • All message processing logic, server and client, can be written in the scripting language of your choice: VBasic, JavaScript, Perl, Python, etc.
  • MAGUS translates protocols appropriately (e.g. TCP to Custom Bisync) and translates information codes appropriately (e.g. ASCII to EBCDIIC).
  • MAGUS produces basic suite of network performance reports, over hourly collections of data, and message statistics.
  • The system can have multiple and remote system consoles with access controled via full security features.
  • Image Management (e.g. mug shots, tattoos, distinguishing marks) at workstations authorized to browse archive
  • MAGUS allows group addressing to terminals, printers, and regional systems.
  • Reliability the system is installed on fault-tolerant platforms allowing continuous operations.
  • World Wide Web technology throughout!



MAGUS message switch system




Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation describing the MAGUS architecture and data flow

Click here to download our MAGUS brochure.


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