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CAD System
( Computer Aided Dispatch )

  • Some features of LEVEL II's existing CAD System are:
  • Sophisticated GIS identification of 25+ services for every point location in the dispatching domain.
  • Supports management of multi-jurisdiction/agency pursuits
  • Supports automated call distribution
  • News media support (now via World Wide Web)
  • Full allied service agency information
  • Address verification
  • Nearby incident alert
  • Automated tow rotation
  • Location alerts
  • Digital dispatching and status updates
  • Workstation monitoring
  • Suspend and recall in-process incidents

Planned changes to our CAD System are:

  • Browser suiting GUI-oriented program language
  • Map-thematic presentation
  • Three action alternatives
  • Iconic (drag and drop) dispatch
  • Form entry via keystroke or mouse click
  • Command line entry


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