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Level II, Inc. Right! Fast! There!


Right!  Fast!  There!

Welcome to our site. LEVEL II inc. has provided America's public safety community with mission-critical, interactive computer systems since 1979. You can find information on the current versions of those systems described on our Products pages.

Some of you may already know us, as we have been around since long before the Internet became a fact of nearly everyone's daily life.  Some may also know our motto... Right! Fast! There! ...and its meaning.  For those unfamiliar with the meaning of our motto, let us explain.

So, what do we mean by "Right!  Fast!  There!"?  Well, those three words are simply the motto that initially drove, and still drives, the design of our products and conduct of our service... that's all. 

Level II Right"Right " refers to our systems' functionality and our commitment to see it's the best current technology allows.  When everything is right about an interactive system, it will do everything its mission entails with absolutely minimum effort, meaning with as little eye, hand, and finger movement as possible; it will behave as logic leads you to expect. 

Level II Fast"Fast " focuses on the speed of our systems' responses... it does no good to do exactly the right things, if it's too slow to help. Speed is of the essence in getting services to sites of emergent need... or to an officer's aid.  Over nearly a quarter-century of living with the certain knowledge of the importance of our systems' performance has woven its awareness into our company's mental fabric.  

Level II ThereBy "There" we mean we spare no effort to ensure our systems stay in operation... twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. All our applications operate atop physically fault tolerant host systems.  Their mean availability exceeds 99.99 percent, according to actual customers' reports.  To realize such availability, systems must:

  • Minimize failover time - ours is zero;
  • Minimize recovery time when you replace failed components, including disks - ours is zero;
  • Accommodate behavioral modifications (e.g. new transactions, altered edits, different routings) without operational interruption;
  • Accommodate changes to systems configurations (e.g., users, security, terminal service set, etc.) without interrupting operations.

Our systems do all these things, and many more, to ensure maximal availability.  They are all COTS (Common Off The Shelf) products that we modify to accommodate customers' procedural and operational differences.  Thus, your agency can economically install today's most truly advanced systems without compromising needed functionality. Other's agencies have thus relied upon us for almost a quarter century, often for their second or third acquisition. Why?  It's simple... because our systems were always, "Right! Fast! There!"


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